Thai Amulets

Tiger Skin Tagruds Luang Por Dtat

SGD$150 dollars each
Length  = 7.5cm
Diameter = 1.5cm                        

Size of white tiger skin tagrud :
Length = 7 cm 
Diameter = 1cm

Gumantong Bucha Luang Por Dtae


SGD$130 dollars
Height = 9 inches
Width = 5.5inches 

The base of the Statue embeds an amulet made from sacred Guman powder. The statue was made mixing cement with various magical substances which includes :

Earth from 7 cemeteries
Ashes of burnt bones taken from 7 Meru Chedis (relic Stupas)
Earth from 7 salt licks
Earth from 7 sacred caves
Earth from 7 river mouths
Earth from seven fields or gardens
Ashes from the burnt bones of 7 dead children
Broken fragments of the temple wall

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