Pra Pid Ta amulet for riches - LP Waen - Wat Tham Pra Sabay

Pra Pid Ta Maha Laap, by LP Waen of Wat Tham Pra Sabay, in Lampang, North Thailand. This edition is called "Run Baramee" - It is believed to be a great amulet for luck and wealth. Made in 2538 B.E. (15 years old) This is visibly an amulet made using the ancient methods, just holding in in the hand you can feel the power (i can at least).

This amulet has a very special ingredient.. Adtitaat Pra Sivali - Bone relics of Pra Sivali - great Arahant of the times of Buddha Sakyamuni, whose great merit was a cause of great luck and fortune in salesmanship and wealth seeking. Pra Sivali has the special quality of improving wealth. Apart from containing real bone relics of one of Buddhisms most important Arahants, the amulet has been repeatedly blessed by various members of the high Sangha.

Pra Pid Ta Maha Laap amulet for Immense Riches (Contains Sivali Relics) - LP Waen - Wat Tham Pra Sabai (Lampang)

Hlwong Phu Waen was a looksit of Hlwong Phu Mun Puratto (ajarn of Hlwong Phu Cha of Wat Nong Pah Pong), and also learned under LP Tet. LP Waen is considered one of the Ariya Sangha (realized monks), whose amulets are considered to have been made by an able master with great meditation powers and great purity of practice in dhamma. LP Waens amulets are a definite to satisfy both for their beauty and for their magical powers