Kuman Tong - Luang Phu Jan (Khmer Master)

Gumarn Tong Dtua Jiw (small size), by famous Khmer Master Monk, Luang Phu Jan. Good for increasing wealth and personal attraction love charm, as well as protecting your household.
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Gumarn Tong by LP Jan, Kampong Tong Kampuchea - this amulet comes in case with Kata in Thai- I am willing to translate the phonetics for you if you rent this amulet.

Kumarn Tong Tep Rit Athan LP Jan Khantigo

This Gumarn was made using invocation of a Gumarn spirit that is about to become a heavenly deity so it has half Hian energy (prai - a child that died in his mothers womb), and half Deva. The deva has more power, but the Hian tends more to like to display the power. So the Hian personality of the Gumarn allows the magic to flow freely, but the Deva part is where the massive power comes from. This gumarn is small and easy to carry. LP Jan learned from his relatives who were lay and ordained Masters of Saiyasart. he became a master in his own right at the ripe young age of fifteen, when he found he was able to bind the spirit of Gumarn.

Kata Bplug Saek Riak Gumarn
Om Gumarn Maa
Rangwaa Sarang Maama
Aehi Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma
MaaMa MaaMa Swaaha Swaahome
Na Ma Pa Ta Na Mo Put Taa Ya
Ma A U
(chant three times).
If you purchase this amulet you can download a pdf with this info about LP Jan and the Kata to chant for your personal archive. The pdf is attached to this product in the files section.